Research shows more experienced lovers have no complaints about condoms.

Researchers cured a great deal of people merely by adjusting the way people made love.

Research urged people to focus less on the final act and more on kissing, cuddling, and mutual whole-body massage and appreciation from head to toe. Their approach worked wonders, improving around 90 percent of people’s approach to sex.

For example: Imagine you’re at the movies and your partner places their hand between your legs and starts fondling. Then they unbuckle your belt and reach inside…. Wouldn’t you become aroused? But your trousers, shirt, and underwear stand between you and their hand. That clothing is more than 1,000 times thicker than any condom. Really, how much sensation can condoms block?

Research shows some feel condoms impaired pleasure.
These participants:
• Were young and inexperienced.
• Felt insecure about their bodies.
• had partners who complained of discomfort during sex.

Other participants said condoms caused no loss of pleasure.
These participants:
• Were older and more experienced.
• Received fondling and stroking from their partners.
• Felt more confident about their bodies.
• Enjoyed the duration of intercourse.
• Enjoyed the intensity of intercourse.

In other words, sexually inexperienced people who experienced problems readily blame their difficulties on condoms. However older, more experienced lovers have few complaints about condoms.

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