Check your date – No, not them, your condom expiry date. Have you not seen Grease? Kenickie and Rizzo? No? Well you should its great. Anyway, condoms can break down over time, is it really worth the risk when for only £3.50 per month you can get a regular fresh batch.

Storage – Condoms should always be stored in a cool dry place. Lightweight boxes, not great, stylish free sturdy Stiffy tin containers, great!

Lube – Stiffy’s come with a small amount of lubrication anyway.  Water or silicone based is recommended as oils can break down the latex in a condom.

Skin up – Your Stiffy should always be applied before any penetration takes place, a good time to utilise your partner as applicator!

Ripped tip – Not as painful as it sounds. When applying your Stiffy, pinch the tip to remove air before rolling it down, otherwise any air bubble at the tip could rip. Be gentle with the tip you grip so as not to rip!

Withdrawal – After sex, immediately withdraw. If you don’t, you can become flaccid and the Stiffy may fall off. Don’t you just love the word ‘flaccid’.

Inside out – In the heat of the moment it’s all too common to accidentally put the condom on inside out.  If this happens, toss it and get a new one. For only 40p I think you can be extravagant.

Real men always have a Stiffy! – Stiffy or not, skin up. According to recent studies only 45% of men aged 18-24 used a condom with their last sexual encounter. They do say youth is wasted on the young!

Ladies like to carry for the Occasion – Condom sales are nearly 40% women. So don’t be shy, subscribe and buy.

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