No matter how high the stakes, most adult attitudes surrounding safer sex are formed [and stuck] back in school.

It doesn’t take a genius to point out that we, collectively, are in a lot of danger. Especially when you begin counting the number of sexual partners we’ve each had individually… and then add in the number of sexual partners we’re likely to have over the next decade. Oh, and then multiply it with the partners our partners have had. WTF!

Men’s ubiquitous excuse is “condoms suck”. Stay classy, gents.
The truth is that condoms can suck. I won’t argue, however if this is the stance you cling to like a sinking ship, you’re absolutely approaching it all wrong.
What guy isn’t up for a little experimentation in the bedroom?

So, unless an STI is on your holiday shopping list this year, it might be time to shift away from negative thinking.

So, where do you start?

1. When you’re with a new partner demand they use a condom.
No ‘lover’ is worth turning 40 something only to learn you’ve caught an STI.
Most people would rather have sex with a condom than not at all.

2. Have your own really cool stash of condoms. Respect your body, health, future and most of all your partner.
If you are dating/sleeping with more than one person, get a condom subscription and be proud of it.

3. Make sure its being put on right.
Both of you are responsible, make it cool, make it fun.

4. Explore condoms, it’s actually a lot of fun.
There is no need to buy an entire box. You can have them delivered each month from They come with a smile!

It may take an army of strong, sexually savvy people to turn the tide on STi’s, but guess what: we’re too smart not to turn it, and with StiffyClub condoms, safer sex will be hotter [and cooler!] than ever.

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