Brighton Pride 2018 with Britney Spears

Brighton Pride 2018 was an amazing day and experience. along with Britney Spears attended Brighton Pride 2018 on the Saturday this year and no doubt both were sad not to be attending Sunday. Firstly we were overwhelmed by the sheer joy and jubilation of everybody on the day. It was an amazing experience and one we’d very much like to be part of in 2019.

The Brighton Pride team were a well oiled machine, in fact most attendees on the day were well oiled. We baked in the relentless beating of the sun and grooved to the relentless beating of the music. The beer and food tents were rammed all day as was the scantily clad girls of the glitter tent whom we shared space with as they sprinkled there glitter and sequins over their ever risque clientele.

Competition was fierce for the Prize of a years supply of condoms in our Monthly Subscription to Competition.

By the end of the day we were f**ked!

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