Bizarrely and rather surprisingly people are still embarrassed to buy condoms from a store. Not that I speak for everyone of course, just the ones I’ve spoken to…and myself!

I keep being told to give references to back up my research claims, so here I go. After extensive and exhaustive research I can now categorically state the following. We [nearly] all have buying condom shame.

Last night in the local I asked my mates son if he’d like to take part in a spot of sexual marketing. “No worries”, he chuckled, “who better?” Andy rhetorically snorted.

A couple of pints in,
Me: “Andy, when’s the last time you had sex”?
Andy: “the weekend, she was a girl I knew from the…”.
Me: “Did you use a condom”? I interrupted.
Andy: “Always, I know where I’ve been!” more snorting.
Me: “Did you buy it at your local store”?
Andy: “No fear, someone might know me in there. I bought ‘em at a service station where they don’t know me, although I did have to wait until the bloke was free to serve”
Me: “Why’s that”? I asked
Andy: “Well, it was that or the blond, ya know”. I did and I do.
Me: “Would you like a subscription sending you 5 condoms per month?”
Andy: “Yeah, great but that won’t be enough!”. excessive snorting!!

So there you have it. Up to date market research on modern day sexual engagement amongst the youth of today, well *Andy down the local anyway.

Recently had a stand at Brighton Pride where everyone was filled with joy and liberation. Many extreme sights and sounds were only too thrilled to be photographed holding one of our stylishly fun Condom Packs in order to enter the competition to win a years subscription of condoms. [Well done Dan].
[ Images on Instagram @stiffyclub supplied by @tspgilder]

However, when it really comes down to it do we find it easy to buy them from a store?

Let’s face it, we all do it, sex that is. Like it or not we’ve all had a go, our parents, our grandparents and some day our kids will. So why are we embarrassed to admit this to the person sat at the checkout? Let’s face it they’ve done it too, or are just jealous you’re getting some.

Of course there is the alternative to the stranger at the store. There’s the stranger at the Clinic where you can get them for free.

As StiffyClub will soon be engaging University Freshers its important to note students have access to free condoms. These services are great and as long as you’re happy to have a little sit down chat with a stranger about your sex life then off you go. Is this better…or worse?

Now, for as little as £3.50 per month you can have 5 condoms, delivered for free, to your door. They will be delivered in discreet packaging so nobody need know your business and you can secrete them in your Stiff & Sturdy tin can container.

Either way you’re making the intelligent decision to a healthy sex life.

*Andy is a 24 year old engineering student studying at…

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