LTR or casual ‘flinger’.

Either way it’s important to know that personal hygiene helps avoid infection when you do the ‘dirty deed’.

Make the rituals fun but make them mandatory. Would you put someone’s finger in your mouth after they’ve just been to the toilet and not washed there hands? Let’s hope not.

Being cautious about sexual health is a given, however the pre-emptive strike on hygiene not so much. Wash your hands, this makes sense, you’ve been touching god knows what all day, not to mention who else has touched it. Clean your teeth, OK a bit of minty freshness wouldn’t go a miss, however it actually helps reduce even further the chance of contracting an unfortunate infection, the amount of bacteria flying around your tongue, teeth and gums can cause infection if used in a creative manner!

I know it’s hard to stop sexual passion in its tracks and for the most part you’ll be fine but if we’re all aware then it’s an avoidable thing. I know, you don’t want to tell your partner to wash his or her hands whilst in the throws of passion but you could suggest to go have a shower or even a bath together. Get some nice product and lather up! If there’s nothing handy then crack on, armed with the knowledge that afterwards is good to do your ablutions too.

Some women pee before sex, don’t! Do it after. Urinary tract infections (UTI) are common for women. This can be avoided by going after sex and not before.

Oh and well done you girls, your vagina cleans itself naturally! Wish I had one of those, penis envy? I think not. You can just give it a helping hand but don’t use any harsh soaps to cleanse yourself, PH neutrals are good, jumping into the shower or a hygienic wipe isn’t a bad option either, it helps get rid of any bacteria that might be hovering. So, cleaning after sex helps avoid infections that occur during sexual contact.

Even though you may feel a difference without using a condom, use one! Protect yourself and be considerate to others.

Whether you’re single or in a LTR, the person you decide to have sex with should be concerned about your health by taking care of their own. That means, they should wear a condom, wash their hands, and be considerate about safe sex in general. Men and women should follow similar hygienic rituals before and after sex. Cleaning your bits with a PH neutral soap and warm water helps avoid passing on any unwanted bacteria.

As much as you would like to think that you’ll never get an STi, shit happens. Get tested just to make sure everything is in check. While most are curable, you want to catch them early, just to make sure they don’t get worse. Condoms reduce the risk.

The more proactive you are with your health and sex life, the better it’ll feel. After all it might not be Mills & Boon but it doesn’t have to be a horror story either!

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