“Something for the Weekend Sir?”

A term once used by barbers to politely ask a customer if they would like to buy a pack of condoms.
Not too many years ago it was illegal for shops to trade on a Sunday and most shops only opened for a few hours on a Sat morning, also most pharmacists only opened Mon – Fri.
Men would often visit the barbers on a Friday afternoon/evening to tidy themselves up for the weekend, a night out, a date or even an evening in with the Mrs! The barber would usually offer the condoms as an add on sale at the end, by saying either “Would Sir like anything for the weekend?” or “Something for the weekend Sir?”
The sad passing of time honoured traditions. Maybe the next time you get your hair cut you could ask if they have “Something for the Weekend”. This is your time, your chance to spread the good word and rekindle the gentlemanly phrase!
PS. If they haven’t got any tell them they need a Stiffy!

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