Ladies Like to Carry for the Occasion

How many times have you been in this scenario: Things are getting hot and heavy, clothes are off, foreplay is happening. You’re both ready to just do it. You tell him to get a condom, and his face goes from looking like he just won the lottery to looking like he just saw his grandparents take part in an orgy. He doesn’t have one. What then? Either the sex just stops and no one is happy, or (being so caught up in the heat of the moment) you go through with it anyways. You might think that he’ll pull out, or that you’ll take the morning-after pill just this once. Plenty of women have been in this type of situation, myself included. Obviously, there are risks involved with condom-less sex—way more than accidental pregnancy. Whether you’ve gone through with the sex or not in this scenario, in either case, wouldn’t it all have been so much simpler if you had your own condom?

Why Every Woman Should Have Condoms by Her bed By Alison Stevenson

Now, what to buy? Don’t worry about buying anything too, how shall I put this, enhancing of the performance. After all you might not always have the über effervescent, spine ‘tinglingly’ ultra lubed, ribbed variety that papered over the cracks on your first few attempts, you can pretty much take it as read you’re not the only one finding your way. Simply visit our Shop or Subscriptions page and you can buy 1 or enough to satisfy an Olympian. You can sign up for a monthly subscription service from as little as £3.50 for 5 and never be without again. Good luck!


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