Condoms for Cambell

Big thanks go out to Cambell who we are collaborating with to promote the awareness of StiffyClub Condoms. Our vegan friendly, eco warrior condom is available as part of our monthly subscription service. Follow her and find out about her exciting journey to where she is now. It’s a transgender fairytale told by the princess living the dream. Pay her a visit and learn how it was for her and know condoms are there for everyone.

Cambell posted: “I want to introduce you to @stiffyclub – a subscription based condom brand aimed to simplify the [condom] buying experience.
Safe sex is so important and this brand is injecting the fun back into it. T
he wrappers are beyond cute like this rainbow one! [My personal fave].
Subscribe using code ‘Cambell’ and you will receive a free introductory gift set”! ?


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