During the festive season it’s important to know that more alcohol gets embibed during December than all the other months put together. It’s also important to note that at least a quarter of all sexual encounters occur whilst under the influence!!!

Studies have shown that not only do inhibitions reduce but we also really do believe we stand a much better chance of a sexual encounter during the Christmas period. With this in mind and not wishing to miss out on all the party frolics we suggest it might be worth noting a few key points. Firstly, like a good boy scout, be prepared. You know what the evening involves and you generally know who’s going to be there, so plan ahead for the best case scenario and ensure you have with you all that is good and wholesome. Its not just pressies that are getting wrapped this ho, ho, holiday season. So when you buy the wrapping paper put condoms on your wish list too.

Wrap up warm but more importantly wrap up safe. It’s easy to forget things when so much is going on at once, Uncle Ernie’s socks, Auntie Ezza’s scarf and your condoms! Plan ahead, subscribe to StiffyClub and you never need to remember again. From as little as £3.50 for 6 Vegan friendly Eco Warrior condoms. It’s important to note that whatever you do you’re in control and always having a Stiffy condom means you get to hug a tree as well as your partner!

So, don’t be a ‘Ho Hum’ be ‘HO, Ho Here we go’! Whatever Jingles ya Bells this Christmas make sure your covered!

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