The Best in Condoms

The ‘Best’ thing about condoms is certainly not buying them, but we can make it a touch more fun.

We’re trying to make it more interesting but God only knows the purchase of a condom isn’t exactly to best fun about the whole sexual encounter process. A few quid in a vending machine, an inconveniently, uncomfortable experience at the pharmacy section checkout or better still some councillor trying to get you to open up about you’re sexual preferences and activity all in the name of a monthly supply of freebies from the local clinic. Still its always good to bump into people you’d rather not in the clinic waiting room. Mmm, now do you explain you’re not there for a check up? or simply explain you’re there to pick up this months quota?

Now what’s ‘Best’ for you? From as little as £3.50 for 6 per month you can avoid all these scenarios and simply unwrap your discreetly delivered monthly package, which, at the very least, has you covered and then maybe, just maybe, a sense of relief you don’t have to undergo the tortuous journey’s mentioned above.

Is it the ‘Best’ decision you’ll ever make, probably not, but when you don’t have them and the unplanned encounter presents itself, wouldn’t you like to be able to take a huge sigh knowing that you have it covered?

Did I mention we are the ‘Best’? We are the most convenient, the most cost effective and the ‘Best’ quality condom service smart money can buy. We are a vegan friendly, free discreet delivery, monthly subscription service. So don’t think about it, just do it and leave nothing to chance, now that’s a decision you might regret. Sign up now and never need worry again.

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