How to be Good in Bed?

The definitive guide to being good in bed! Use a condom! That really, really is being good. Everything else is a sort of suck it and see kind of exploration.

So now we’ve shown you how to be good in bed the only real problem you face is what condom to use?

This is where StiffyClub fit in. Convenience, quality and value. This all sounds great but what does it mean?

Most condoms fit most men, so don’t worry too much about size. I can fit a Stiffy condom over my arm so I don’t think size should be an issue.

Stiffy Condoms are the best quality condoms on the market. Firstly they are ‘Eco Warrior’ friendly as all our condoms are kind to the environment, vegan friendly condoms tested above and beyond all regulated condoms. They are British Standard Kitemark Accredited and NHS Approved.

Now be good to you! We deliver directly to you in discreet packaging…For free! Our small discreet packs fit through your letterbox so no ‘sign for’ parcels. This also takes care of the whole shopping scenario and from only £3.50 for 6 you really are doing yourself, as well as your partner, a huge favour.

So now you know how to be good in bed, why not show it!

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