Myth #5: Condoms Are a Guy’s Responsibility – Wrong!

Your health will always be your responsibility, [male or female] there should never be any shame in making sure you stay healthy.

Everyone deserves a sex life that is safe as well as fun. Getting comfortable using condoms is a good way to take care of your and your partner’s health which can make sex more relaxing. In other words, you can totally have your cake and eat it when it comes to sexual encounters. Just make sure your covered.

There are, of course, many ways to ensure you are protected against an unwanted pregnancy. None, by the way, are any safer than using a condom, whilst adding the bonus of ensuring good sexual health, condoms are by far the best option available.

Now I’m guessing you pretty much don’t need telling all this, although, like cramming for an exam, its often a good idea to go over some stuff again just to be sure you haven’t missed something important. However, what about a more advanced exam, wouldn’t you like to know a bit more of the interesting bits? Well condoms are all pretty much from the same place, rubber from a tree. They’re then manufactured in pretty much the same way. Now here’s the interesting part, we don’t cost the earth or charge the earth for ours. They’re eco-friendly vegan condoms that are the best quality on the market and they cost you less than the heavily marked up expensive brands already in circulation. Not only that but our footprint is reduced as we offer free discreet delivery. Your postman is passing your front door anyway so no need to go out of your way to buy them elsewhere.

So lets recap…

Ours are a better product as they’re an eco-friendly vegan condom. British Standard KiteMark Accredited and NHS Approved.

Ours are better value as they are cheaper than all known big brands that have them made in the same place.

and finally ours are more convenient as we discreetly deliver, for free! Now surely that deserves an A Star!

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