Love Island’s Dr Alex

Congratulate the Condom Carriers

Despite everything you may see and hear about Love Island, the fun and frolics, the bumping and grinding, there is a hard and fast rule about unprotected sex in the villa…It doesn’t happen. They are all supplied and directed to use condoms and do you know what? They are grateful. So lets be upstanding for the much maligned condom and thank the Good Lord for those little rubber devices. StiffyClub applauds you!

Love Island’s Dr Alex George has spoken to BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast about the problem of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Speaking to Nicky Campbell, Dr Alex said: “Condoms are there for our protection and to look after our health, and we shouldn’t be judged for carrying them whether you’re a man or a woman.”

He was speaking ahead of the launch campaign by Public Health England trying to get more under 25 year olds to use condoms.

Did you know that a young person is diagnosed with an STI every four minutes…Ouch!

‘Condoms are there for our protection’

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