Wanted – StiffyClub Ambassadors

Here at Stiffy Club we recognize the impact of our service upon young adults and none more so than the student fraternity. We want you to stand out as a beacon, nee icon for what you believe in. Don’t let others tell you your flies are undone, go bottomless and tell them they’re naked if they go out without a Stiffy.

In response to this we are currently recruiting more candidates to act as Ambassadors for StiffyClub.com to help spread affection not infection. As if that in itself isn’t enough you can also earn some extra cash along the way.

Why we think it’s a good idea to consider being an Ambassador

  • work is flexible around your social life.
  • you can develop your communication skills.
  • you’ll gain valuable experience being part of a growing organization.
  • enhance your customer service skills.
  • Experience supporting a good and worthy cause like a warrior.
  • be a role model for Safe & Healthy relationships.

The Ambassadorial role involves you to complete a simple vetting process. Once the process deadline closes, applicants shortlisted will be invited to e.interview. Once successful, you can start earning as a StiffyClub Ambassador immediately. We send you your sample pack and you go forth and not multiply with friend, colleagues and strangers and start earning.

How to apply
Simply follow our Instagram account and DM hq@stiffyclub.com and we will contact you.

All unsuccessful applicants receive a free pack by way of a thank you for your interest and support.

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