The ‘Chat’

It’s been a while since the News Posts were updated so when this email arrived I felt compelled to share it.

Recently I had a meeting with two extraordinary ladies who are involved in a truly remarkable project that, for no other reason than anonymity, I can’t tell you about. It actually has no bearing on the story and so would be a little indiscreet for them and their family. Suffice to say their project and my project do not overlap. However, here we were, in a meeting discussing business and families and I gave both ladies a pack of Stiffy Condoms for their kids. The next day I received a lovely email from one of the ladies thanking me for the gift and I felt it worth sharing, by way of how the ‘Chat’ can be handled in the home with the family. Here’s the email I was sent, with consent of course.

Great to meet you on Monday. Here is the copy for the brochure as requested. Hope this is satisfactory. Let me know if there is anything else you need.

Best meeting ever by the way! My teens faces were priceless when I presented them with a tin of condoms at dinner that night and told them to share them…what a great ice breaker. We cringed, we laughed, we changed the subject fairly quickly BUT I felt like I’d been able to tackle a tough topic about unprotected sex, unwanted pregnancies and STD’s all in one light hearted yet serious conversation. Thank you!

Chat soon.

I think you’ll agree the, sometime awkward, situation was handled perfectly, with directness, intelligence and a great deal of fun…kinda like the StiffyClub approach really.

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