Mel B ‘terrified’ daughter

Mel B revealed she ‘terrified’ her daughter Phoenix Chi, to her ‘core’ when she discussed the importance of safe sex with her in her teen years.  

The Spice Girls singer spoke alongside popstar Jamelia and author Amy Nickell on Badoo’s podcast The Truth Flirts where she lifted the lid on her no-holds barred approach to discussing contraception with her kids.

The ex, X Factor judge explained that she wanted to be open with her eldest about sex and everything that goes with it, even if it was ‘cringey’ for them. She began: ‘When Phoenix was about 16, I was like, we need to sit down and have a word about safe sex and contraception, and she was like, what?

Adding: ‘We spoke about contraception thoroughly, about condoms, what happens when you don’t use a condom, which I think terrified her to her core.

‘I think her other friends had never even had that conversation with their mothers. I’m so glad, as cringey as it was, I was very to the point, I told her about boys’ intentions, or the main intentions of boys at that age.

The Leeds native, who is also mother to Angel and Madison, also reflected on how porn is impacting how younger generations view sex in an unrealistic way.

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