About Us

StiffyClub.com is a handy little ‘Members Club’ aimed at simplifying the whole condom buying experience for all its clientele.

No more late night sortie’s to the chemist, no more awkward confrontations at the checkout, no more fear of unwanted pregnancies, or even worse unwanted Sexually Transmitted Infections [STi’s].

Over a third of sexual encounters at University occur under the influence of alcohol, if you have a Stiffy then crack on happy and safe with no morning after drama.

We just thought it would be nice to put a smile on when it came to condom purchasing and using.

We don’t offer, extra ribbed, oscilating, flourescent condoms designed for first class trips to Heaven, we offer you a top quality, sensitivity assured, British Standard Kite Mark approved condom that not only fits your budget but also fits anyone who doesn’t live in a zoo! If you find it uncomfortable and can’t use our condoms there are several options out there including no sex at all.

Sign up today and receive your free personal container full of your very first order of condoms, then receive your refills every month, delivered through your letterbox, from as little as £3.50 per month, in our absolutely discreet package. Buy once and never go without.

So, choose the Plan that suits you, sign up and excitedly await your package to Heaven. Fuss Free.

Probably the most cost effective Insurance Policy you’ll ever take out.

StiffyClub.com can only guarantee its service, not yours.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries.