Who are we

Hi, I’m Giles, the Founder and CEO of StiffyClub.com, here to defend the good name of the much maligned condom. Unlike Bill Gates, we don’t think the humble condom requires a new design we think its pretty good as it is. It already does more to keep you safe and healthy than any other method of contraception that leading scientists can throw at you and in addition it’s easy to get [easier now you have StiffyClub], easy to use and doesn’t add any unwanted chemicals to your system.


Harriet is our Director of Marketing. She’s only been with StiffyClub a short while but has already had a massive impact not only on sales but more importantly on how we go to market. Our mission is to work with our customers and try to encourage anyone who’s interested to help promote the good name of condoms.


Nikki is our Troubleshooter. If you have a query then all you need to do is give her a nudge via the Live Chat on our website or DM her through Instagram. She loves hearing from you and can always give a reasonably sensible solution to any query you might have. Don’t be shy and give her a go…She’s waiting for your call!


Who are we? We’re StiffyClub.com your friendly condom suppliers. What do we offer? We offer you the freedom to go forth and not multiply. We offer you peace of mind, we offer you the most cost effective, efficient way to get condoms on the planet!

Granted, condoms are not the most fun item in the world to buy, in fact they are, ironically, a very unsexy purchase to make. You won’t be discussing your chosen method of contraception down the pub or around the dinner table but you will want one around when the lights dim and steam rises.

Stiffy condoms are British Standard Kite Mark Accredited and NHS Approved, they’re even vegan friendly so when you ‘hug’ a partner you’re also hugging a tree!

If you want to know more about StiffyClub please drop me a line at: hq@stiffyclub.com and come join the fastest growing condom subscription service in the UK.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Giles – Founder StiffyClub.com