About Us

We bring condoms to people!

Our mission: To supply condoms to people in a better way. And to make it fun.

The condom has got a bad rap. We understand they can be a bit of a mood killer but it needn’t be that way.  They’ve got a lot going for them as the only contraception that protects against STIs and prevents pregnancy.

It’s just the pill, coil and implant don’t play such a ‘Starring’ role in your bedroom antics however they do have an impact on your body and don’t protect you against STI’s.

What we do is make sure that month on month you have condoms when you need them.

Discreetly delivered and at a great price with the quality that you’d want.

No gimmicks, no steamy marketing campaigns and no wild claims promising the ride of your life.

Condoms, delivered for free, to you. Simple.